Replacement of an Old Logger

Back when I worked down south I used to head off every few weeks to service some legacy logging stage gauges in the New Forest. These were running some very old Skye Instruments DataHog loggers connected to an unidentifiable pressure transducer. I wanted to replace this with a system that would require less maintenance and fit with an expanding fleet of loggers in Southampton. I used a Delta-T Devices GP1 but removed the circuitry and fitted it to a different IP64 housing. This had the advantage of having two large screw entries, one of which is large enough for the cable to a Druck PDCR1830 pressure transducer and the other was fitted with a membrane breather plug. This has the advantage of running of a single 9v battery for around six months, and maintaining pressure equalisation for the transducer.

Bill of Materials:

  • Delta-T Devices GP1 datalogger
  • Bulgin BE03P  80 x 139 x 53mm enclosure
  • Bulgin BE123461 M20 cable glands x2
  • Hylec JDAE12PA/SW M12 venting element
  • Lapp Kabel SKINDICHT light grey KU-M M20 x 1.5 Male/M12 x 1.5 Female Adaptor
  • Druck PDCR1830 pressure transducer (options as required)
7944EF99-6571-4D2B-A570-7F5EFF142699 (Medium)
5F23F681-09B0-4379-8C39-F1E753F70955 (Medium)