LaTeX Course Resources

Following a postgraduate course on LaTeX, I include here some new resources (see my previous post for details on LaTeX and the course). Firstly, I’ve updated the University Thesis Document with some code and comments that:

  • add a third supervisor: just follow the comments – let me know if this is successful for you.
  • removes the code to add \textsubscript – Rob emailed to say that in newer implementations of MiKTeX this command is native, so doesn’t need to be created
  • Some folks asked how to change it to a Master’s dissertation – just do a CTRL+H in thesis.tex and thesis.tcp and replace the offending text strings

Download the new version here!

I also said I’d circulate some resources – here are the references & links:

Finally, thanks for coming – Chris and I had a really relaxed, enjoyable day – we hope you found it helpful.