itraxR Published on CRAN

My itraxR package has been published on CRAN! This package can be used to ease the pain of working with large datasets from Itrax core scanners. It works with radiographs, colour images and the XRF element peak-area data, along with all the relevant metadata. It’s still a work in progress, with plenty of functionality to add, but it has enough finished functionality to make a first release.

The package is fully documented, but I am also writing a detailed guide for working with Itrax scanner data in R, available here. This includes recipes for creating complex, publication-quality plots.

Please get in touch if you have bug reports, feature requests or other comments. You can use the issues feature on Github, or just email.

A plot of the example data. Reference: Wynn, R. B., and B. T. Cronin. 2005. “RRS “Charles Darwin” Cruise CD166, 29 Oct – 22 Nov 2004. Sedimentary processes and deposits in the Agadir Basin and Gulf of Cadiz.” 59. Vol. 44.