Augmented Reality Sandbox

I was asked to make an augmented reality sandbox like that produced by Oliver Kreylos & team, following the excellent instructions on their website. I’ve now finished the manufacture of the equipment and I’ve passed it over for programming by our electronics technician. I thought I’d share my cutting list for anyone considering making their own. Once it’s all up and running I’ll try and get it written up as a detailed set of instructions.

AR Sandbox

  • Profile 8 40mmx40mm: 750mm x4, 1000mm x4, 100mm x4, 1500mm x1, 200mm x2, 300mm x1
  • 5mm Sheet acrylic: 1020x120mm x2, 1020×770 x1, 770×120 x2, 290x230mm x1
  • Angle bracket set 8 40×40 x4
  • Angle bracket set 8 80×80 x3
  • Fastening set 8 40x40x40 x8
  • Silicone sealant x1 tube

UPDATE 20/1/16:

Darius showed me the software working yesterday – look how awesome it is! Everyone who came in the office was instantly attracted to it and channelled their inner geographers – we’re going to have a lot of fun with this on open days etc.

IMG_2043 (Large)