Weather Satellite Ground Station Project

As I’ve begun to get to know our new MSc GIS students, I was thinking of fun projects we might be able to do together in the labs. I thought it might be interesting for them to try receiving data directly from passing satellites. Today I captured an image from a passing Russian satellite using a very compromised station setup. This pass was centred on the Caspian Sea (the British Isles are on the left-hand side of the image). I think with a few improvements to the antennas our students can try building and operating their own ground stations this summer!

LRPT image received Meteor M2-4, operating on 137.1 MHz with a symbol rate of 72 k, on Sunday 12th May 2024 at 13:06 UTC, QTH IO83sj. Received on a tuned dipole half-wave antenna, Sawbird+ NOAA filter, and RTL-SDR v4 radio. Processed using SatDump v1.1.4.