Refurbished Logging Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

I found an old tipping bucket rain gauge knocking around stores. It wasn’t like the plastic funnel jobs that flood the market – it was a proper stainless steel gauge. Although it’s accompanying datalogger was long gone, I thought there might be a little life left in it. I tested the reed switch with a multimeter and it seemed to be in perfect working order, so I bought an inexpensive Tinytag Plus Re-Ed count input datalogger (TGPR-1201) with cable (CAB-3246). I wired this into the reed-switch, calibrated the rain-gauge (it was pretty close to the calibration printed on the unit) and programmed the logger to report in mm/hour. After a big scrub its ready to use – I look forward to seeing the first data produced with this kit.

IMG_2124 IMG_2125