Amateur Radio Licence!

Last month I took my Amateur Radio Foundation Licence exams, and Ofcom have now granted me a call-sign, M6TKG. I’m planning on taking my intermediate exams early next year, but for now I’m going to explore some mobile analogue voice and digital text modes, alongside my existing interests in decoding ACARS and ADS messages used in aviation. As I found myself doing more and more diagnostic work on drones (2.4GHz digital, bluetooth, WiFi, GNSS), telemetry (GSM), emergency beacons (406MHz) and satellite telephony (SPOT, Iridium), I thought I should improve my working knowledge of radio. Amateur radio is actually really rewarding, and a practical way to learn about electronics and radio. It was a generous leaving gift from the staff in Geography at The University of Southampton that enabled me to buy the course texts and my first radio transceiver – ¬†thanks!