A Shiny App for Very Simple Particle Size Diagrams

I knocked this app up for students who were struggling to draw diagrams for their reports on particle size. It’s my first app written and published with shiny, and I’m looking forward to using this interface for more of my code in the future.

How to Use This App:

  • Your data should be saved as a comma-separated-value, or *.csv file – NOT an Excel file. Remember to select this option in “Save as…” if you are using Excel.
  • Your data should have sieve sizes in rows, and sample names in columns. The pan should have a size of zero (0). Here’s an example to download and use as a template.
  • Your sieve sizes should be expressed in microns.
  • Visit https://tombishop.shinyapps.io/histogramR/.
  • If you’ve included multiple samples (in columns), select the column you’d like to plot.
  • If you want to use units of phi, rather than mm, toggle that setting.
  • To copy the image, just right-click it and save it.
  • If you need statistics calculating for your data, you could use Regis Gallon’s excellent G2Sd program – just remember to set the “sep” parameter to “,” and the “dec” parameter to “.”.
  • Remember to label your axes as appropriate.